Upcoming Mini-Course:  Logic Games

In our 2-week Math Circle for ages 6-7, participants will “accompany” 2 fictional children who venture into an unknown kingdom only to encounter a game-loving elf who won’t let them leave until they beat him at a game.  The games require students to exercise the logical thinking that underlies mathematical thinking.  We will also engage in metacognition – thinking about thinking.  If we reflect on and describe the strategies we use to solve a problem, solution strategies will come more easily next time.

These games originated with Laura Givental at the Berkeley Math Circle.  At last year’s Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival at the Smithsonian Institute, I tied the games together with the narrative story of the children and the elf, and joined a team of mathematicians and educators to facilitate the story with groups of children.  None of the kids wanted to leave at the end.

In two weeks, I will travel to Mayaguez, PR, for this year’s festival.  Again with a team, I’ll present a Math Circle on functions that I’ve created just for the occasion.  Look for that Math Circle to come to Philadelphia sometime in the future.

The Julia Robinson Math Festival is presented annually in conjunction with the NAMC’s annual Math Circles on the Road Workshop.  At that workshop, I’ll be giving a talk on “The Accessible Mystery.”  Sometime afterwards, I’ll post a link to it here.  At last year’s workshop in DC, I spoke about “Eight Things I Try to Remember.”

For more details about the Logic Games Math Circle at Talking Stick (2/26 and 3/5) please visit http://talkingsticklearningcenter.org/current-programs/math-circle/.  Also feel free to email me with any questions about Math Circles in general.  FYI, I’m currently leading a Circle on Logic Puzzles for 7-9 year olds;  I’ve posted extensive details and photos.   Expect the upcoming Circle to be similar, but more introductory.

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