The Smith Map

My name is Aurie Smith, creator of the Smith Map. I created the Smith Map when I was ten years old. Currently, I am eleven. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

The Smith Map’s purpose is to see if you can solve an intricate map using fewer than four colors, to see when you would need to start using the fourth color on an intricate map, and if it is possible to solve any map in four colors. Some questions the viewer may have when first looking at my map may be “Is this map possible to solve in four colors?” and “How long would it take to solve this map?”

I think that Martin Gardener is extremely inspiring and cool! My map is similar to the McGregor Map because it’s complicated with a lot of shapes, but it’s different because his is all straight lines, and mine is a lot of circles and curves. The instructions for the Smith Map are that you can’t have the same color touching itself side-by-side or up-and-down. As of now, I am not publishing a solution to this map. One interesting feature of this map is it has a lot of tiny places that you might not notice if you’re coloring really quickly.

Finally, here are a few challenges and questions for you!

  1. How many different ways are there to solve the map in 4 colors?
  2. When do you start needing the fourth color?
  3. Can you solve this map using fewer than four colors?