The Global Math Circle – reminds us that discovery strengthens. (Rodi attended Bob and Ellen’s Math Circle Institute in 2011 and 2012. Rodi, Rachel, and Jo then received a MSRI travel grant to visit the Kaplans’ program that was the predecessor the The Global Math Circle, simply called The Math Circle, at Harvard University.)

Francis Su’s talk “ Mathematics for Human Flourishing” –  reminds us that math engages much more than just one’s cognitive faculties. Text of the talk is also posted on his blog.

Rochelle Gutiérrez’s talk “ Rehumanizing Mathematics: A Vision for the Future” – reminds us that mathematics (and other academic disciplines) is for everyone, and that we who have become educators have a responsibility to not only keep the door open behind us, but open the door wider for others through our behavior in the classroom.

Mindfulness in Education Network – reminds us that we believe that we can serve students well by practicing mindful listening and promoting contemplative practices that foster learning, concentration, and understanding.