Math Circle Registration Form

Important: Please make sure you select the desired course from the dropdown.
This is the email the student will log in with for Zoom or Google Meet. It can be a student account or a parent's account that the student will have access to.


If your student does not wholeheartedly agree with the items above, then Math Circle is not a good fit for your student. Please do not sign up, but do contact Rodi for other math suggestions.
Parent AgreementsI agree to remain on the physical premises during in-person Math Circle courses. If I must leave, I agree to give the Math Circle facilitator written permission for another parent/guardian on-site to supervise my child. I understand that during in-person classes Lovett Library is not guaranteed to be open and I may need to escort my child to another site to access a bathroom. If my child is under 13, I agree that a responsible adult will be in the same room as my child during virtual Math Circle courses.
Activity Consent and Waiver of Liability As the parent or guardian, I hereby authorize my child to participate in The Math Renaissance Math Circle. I understand that my child will be subject to the regulations of the Math Circle program. I further release Rodi Steinig, Math Renaissance, its directors, officers, employees, volunteers, students, agents, representatives, or affiliates, from any and all liability caused in whole or in part by anyone affiliated with Math Renaissance, or from any other cause whatsoever, that results in bodily injury or personal injury or a data breach suffered by above-named minor participant and for any loss or loss of use or damage to personal property owned by said participant or family member, or any other damage or injury that may result due to the above named minor’s visit or use of Math Renaissance facilities during this activity. I further understand that all Math Renaissance employees, including faculty, staff, and volunteers involved in said Math Renaissance Math Circle will exercise reasonable care and act responsibly while conducting activities.
Online Risk Acknowledgement (for ALL courses, even in-person, in case we need to go virtual mid-course) I acknowledge that transmitting information over the Internet and using telecommunications technologies have some basic inherent risks, including electronic tampering and unauthorized access by third parties. My child will only use a computer or device that you know is safe and, at a minimum, has a firewall, anti-virus software installed, is password protected, and accesses the Internet through a private, password-protected connection when participating in Math Circle. Rodi and Math Renaissance will do their best to ensure a safe environment, but as parent/guardian of this child, I acknowledge it is my responsibility to talk to them about internet safety, particularly around online classes. By checking the box below, I am agreeing that I assume this risk and do not hold Math Renaissance or any of its facilitators or volunteers liable.
Image Preferences and Releases We use photos and videos of student participation and images of student work for the following purposes: 1) record of work for in-course class reference (in other words, to assist our work, so we can remember where we left off on the problem the prior week) 2) publicity in electronic and print publications and websites 3) professional development (blog posts, articles, and conference talks that benefit the larger Math Circle community) 4) emails to parents and guardians to inform about course progress
Use of Submitted ImagesWe invite parents and guardians to send in photos of your children participating in our virtual sessions. This gives us much more interesting photos than just the Zoom grids (in which we edit out or blur the faces and names).