Approx. Ages 7-17 | Fall 2023

In mathematics, there is a rich history of doing math by correspondence: mathematicians corresponding with other mathematicians, students corresponding with teachers, family members corresponding with other family members. Correspondence driven by curiosity. Correspondence about mathematical investigations.  In this tradition, we are thinking about and discussing interesting math problems asynchronously from home. Each Tuesday, Rodi emails participants a question. Students email Rodi their thoughts on the question and Rodi will reply with some follow-up info or questions on the problem. With student and parent/guardian permission, Rodi combines people’s answers/discussions into one big document for everyone to see, anonymously, and to continue the conversation.

Course goals: to develop further curiosity and mathematical thinking and to creatively problem-solve.

Tuition: FREE
Prerequisite: Prior participation in a Math Renaissance or Talking Stick Math Circle

Location: Email Correspondence
Asynchronous, via email, November 15 through December 12, 2023

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