In the Community

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

Rodi serves on the Advisory Board

Gathering 4 Gardner Foundation

Rodi has been volunteering as a Celebration of Mind virtual host during the pandemic.

Navajo Math Circles

Jo was a Student Assistant and Rodi led sessions at Baa Hózhó Summer Camp–a “two-week non-residential camp at Navajo Technical University for kids in grades 6-12.”

National Association of Math Circles

Rodi served as a Mentor and then the Director of Mentoring for the former NAMC

Science Fair Judging

Rodi has volunteered as a judge at both the PJAS and GPHSF science fairs.

SIGMAA on Circles

Rodi is a participating member

The Field Coop

Rodi offered two demonstration Math Circles at the Field Coop in 2023