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Approx. ages TBA | Spring 2024: I am overwhelmed and excited by my list of courses that I’ve always wanted to offer. I will offer one or two of these in spring 2024 during the day at Lovett Park in April-May.
Approx. Ages 11-16 | Spring 2024: How many different ways are there to do something? What is an efficient way to count groupings of things? How do you decide which things to count and which to exclude? What is the optimal structure for a group of objects? These and related questions constitute the mathematical field of combinatorics.
Approx. Ages 11-16 | Winter 2024: In this course, we will collaboratively work on problems from Sergey Dorichenko’s book A Moscow Math Circle. The goals of the course (and book) are (1) to interest students in mathematics, (2) to show that mathematics is beautiful, (3) to teach them to reason, (4) to distinguish a solution from a nonsolution, and (5) to show students that they are able problem solvers.