Approx. Ages 11-16 | Winter 2024

Priority registration for 2023 participants: through Wednesday, January 3. Priority registration for new students in the Greater Philadelphia region: through Wednesday, January 11. Registration opens for non-local new students on January 12 if spots remain.

In this course, we will collaboratively work on problems from Sergey Dorichenko’s book A Moscow Math
. The goals of the course (and book) are (1) to interest students in mathematics, (2) to show that
mathematics is beautiful, (3) to teach them to reason, (4) to distinguish a solution from a nonsolution,
and (5) to show students that they are able problem solvers. We will intersperse the problems with
some game problems, in which the solution is to figure out the winning strategy. There are two student
prerequisites for the course: desire and perseverance. In most Math Renaissance Math Circles, a major goal is for students to develop frustration tolerance. We recommend that students enter this course
with some degree of frustration tolerance already established.

Tuition: $225

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